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What does it cost to build a new home in Steamboat Springs Colorado?

One unexpected outcome of the COVID-19 pandemic has been the rapidly rising costs of construction. Major interruptions to the distribution chain coupled with the demand to make home improvements or build new homes have created an unforeseen record cost increase in 2021.

Steamboat Springs Building costs vary greatly depending on the builder you choose. Some contractors quote $/Sq.Ft. (under roof) which includes a covered deck and garage. Others price interior finished $/Sq.Ft. at one rate, garage at 75% of $/Sq.Ft and decks at 25% of $/Sq.Ft. 
Prices as of May 2021 are ranging from $450/Sq.Ft under roof to $700/Sq.Ft and many builders are scheduled to 2023 already. 2 years from the date of this website posting. A year ago, construction costs were running $275/Sq. Ft and up depending on quality.
According to some local builders I've talked with, increased building costs are due to the following:
The cost of Materials is up 30% in the last few months. For example, OSB sheeting has gone from $40 per sheet to $60/sheet in just a few weeks at Alpine Lumber. 2x4s are $9 each, double the cost from 2020.
With the hot real estate market, the cost of housing (rents) is up significantly contributing to the cost of labor. Subcontractors have to live somewhere and when their rents or home costs are up, they charge more. Mechanical Contractors & Plumbers for example are charging upwards of $100/hour, many at $135/hr. Electricians $100-$130/hr.
Clients are asking for features we didn’t use to see in Steamboat as much, i.e. swimming pools, water features, elaborate game rooms, unique countertops, smart homes, and more.
I have many years of experience in home remodeling and work directly with many local builders, architects, electricians, plumbers, etc. Give me a call to talk more about your ideas for a new home or remodel project in Steamboat Springs Colorado. 
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