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Real Estate Broker Dean Laird

Dean Laird

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Where are you from often gets a conversation going. When I answer Steamboat Springs, most everyone I meet has a story of love for Steamboat. I never have to put on a salesman hat, the next question is most always, what do you do for living there? Quickly followed by how's the market?
My love of Steamboat story began about 1972, when my parents chose to move to here "for the lifestyle". My dad opened his 1st office downtown at 824 Lincoln appropriately named Steamboat Real Estate. Currently, I am a Broker / Co-Owner of Colorado Group Realty, LLC on 5th and Lincoln. You have reached the right place for some local advice.

Shari Laird Steamboat ski map crop 1972 In 1972 the Steamboat ski area map pictured Billy the Kid and my model mom with the caption Steamboat's a comin'. A newspaper ad from the same timeframe shows a 4 bedroom home on a large lot could be bought for about $40,000. Today, that home is about one million dollars; Steamboat has arrived!
How's the market? Doing the math, since 1972 homes downtown have appreciated about 7% per year in the past 47 years. Are you looking to buy or sell here because 7% per year ROI sounds pretty good? Or will the views and quick access to skiing drive your desires?
The Lairds, Steamboat Springs, Colorado Getting to know my family is often just as important as me understanding you and your expectations of Steamboat. I'm very fortunate to have my Michelle Ideus for an in-house home stager, photographer and color consulting, she is a pretty well known artist around town. Sellers have access to this talent, but also Buyers. Who doesn't want to change some colors or arrangements when you move into a new place? Michelle will jump at the opportunity to offer some color and interior design advice. Nolan has been known to jump in on the conversation - schools, sports, music, he is well versed.
What sets me apart from others out of about 380 Steamboat Realtors is a varied skill set suited for this business. I have a degree in Industrial Technology from Colorado State University, designed boats in the Florida Keys in the early 90s, and have several years experience remodeling homes and condos. I even dabbled as a chef for a few years while exploring the best lines and waves while skiing and windsurfing. I can design, fix and build things, while 24 years has taught me a lot about negotiating real estate sales.
My philosophy: Commitment to using my local knowledge, building experience and strong negotiating skills to make your property purchase or sale in Steamboat Springs, Colorado a pleasurable and profitable experience. I have posted a few testimonials for references and I'm happy to talk directly about my experiences. When you are ready for a conversation about Steamboat or selling a home, calling me is the best method of contact at 970-846-8284. Or use my contact form.
I look forward to working with you.