Steamboat base area revitalization continues

Friday, August 27, 2010

[tag]Apres ski[/tag] at Steamboat keeps getting better! I was wondering what all the bustle was outside my office window yesterday and come to find [tag]Steamboat Resort[/tag] tearing into my favorite deck. Favorite, because the Bear River deck provides a birds-eye view of the many free concerts all winter season, the [tag]Cowboy Downhill[/tag], the fireworks display and Torchlite Parade on New Years Eve, the [tag]Cardboard Classic[/tag] and crazy bathers trying to ski across a pond on closing day. Drinking beer while taking in the events outside in the winter does have its drawbacks though. Well, it appears [tag]Steamboat[/tag] has come up with a solution for us warm-weather party goers. The deck is being transformed into a new terrace, featuring an umbrella bar which will be a heated and a glass-enclosed facility.

Visitors will be able to take in everything that’s going on outside on the mountain from inside the new terrace.

said Ski Corp. spokeswoman Loryn Kasten in the Steamboat Today Add to that an outdoor fire pit, a new [tag]promenade[/tag] stretching accross the base of the [tag]ski area[/tag] (completion is scheduled for next winter) and heated sidewalks outside my office door and I’m really looking forward to this leisurely winter lifestyle.

21 million bucks for the Steamboat Ski Resort Base Area.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

The [tag]city of Steamboat Springs[/tag] is moving forward on big plans for the future. Completion of the public promenade and utilities is just the tip of the iceberg. New financing looks promising for the [tag]Steamboat skiing[/tag] experience.

New financing plan would not drastically change base area construction plans for the rest of this summer, it would enable completion of the current slate of high-profile redevelopment projects next year. Some final landscaping items could stretch into spring 2012.

says base area redevelopment coordinator Joe Kracum - http://www.steamboat … mboat Today article. Looking for an upside investment potential in the [tag]Steamboat condo market[/tag]? Keep a close eye on [tag]ski-in[/tag], [tag]ski-out[/tag] [tag]Real Estate[/tag] for sale. Call Dean Laird 877-678-0884 to talk about the future of the [tag]Steamboat Base Area.[/tag]

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