Underpass work for Fish Creek Falls Road at 3rd Street begins in Steamboat

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Construction season in [tag]Steamboat[/tag] is still humming! Along with the [tag]promenade[/tag] at the base of [tag]Steamboat Ski Area[/tag], the [tag]Spring Creek[/tag] Trail soon will run uninterrupted from Amethyst Drive to the [tag]Old Town Hot Springs[/tag] after a pedestrian underpass is completed underneath [tag]Fish Creek Falls[/tag] Road. City workers were busy Monday beginning preparation work for the project that they expect to complete by the end of next month. See the full story here.

Steamboat base area revitalization continues

Friday, August 27, 2010

[tag]Apres ski[/tag] at Steamboat keeps getting better! I was wondering what all the bustle was outside my office window yesterday and come to find [tag]Steamboat Resort[/tag] tearing into my favorite deck. Favorite, because the Bear River deck provides a birds-eye view of the many free concerts all winter season, the [tag]Cowboy Downhill[/tag], the fireworks display and Torchlite Parade on New Years Eve, the [tag]Cardboard Classic[/tag] and crazy bathers trying to ski across a pond on closing day. Drinking beer while taking in the events outside in the winter does have its drawbacks though. Well, it appears [tag]Steamboat[/tag] has come up with a solution for us warm-weather party goers. The deck is being transformed into a new terrace, featuring an umbrella bar which will be a heated and a glass-enclosed facility.

Visitors will be able to take in everything that’s going on outside on the mountain from inside the new terrace.

said Ski Corp. spokeswoman Loryn Kasten in the Steamboat Today Add to that an outdoor fire pit, a new [tag]promenade[/tag] stretching accross the base of the [tag]ski area[/tag] (completion is scheduled for next winter) and heated sidewalks outside my office door and I’m really looking forward to this leisurely winter lifestyle.

Another foreclosed condo at Steamboat’s Highmark equals a deal for the luxury condo buyer.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

The Highmark at Steamboat has suffered some ups and downs - evidenced by being recognized as filling an unmet high-end niche while also sporting a couple of foreclosure condos just listed on the Steamboat Springs MLS. Tough times are hopefully ending as Steamboat sales pick up and the developer hands over the management keys to a local property management company - Mountain Resort. Financial troubles hit early in construction and The Highmark was a swimming hole for Steamboat ducks because the foundation sat filled with spring run-off. A drawn-out construction process followed and the building was finally finished with an exterior color scheme you either love or hate. The Highmark first opened as a luxury rental property but recently succumbed to an unsuccessful auction by a marketing plan that couldn’t produce sales. Indeed, The Highmark has had a checkered history to date. However, the change has been good. The friends and clients I’ve sent there to stay, love the place for the luxury finishes, ski resort views, convenience to the slopes and world-class service, all at a bargain price. And The Highmark is on track for more success with new management…

Mountain Resorts President Steve Frasier said it was the recent sales that contributed to the developers’ decision to seek a locally based property management company that was focused solely on the Steamboat market as they anticipate turning the property over to a homeowners association. “We have the ability to transition from the developer to the HOA smoothly”.

- Steamboat Today Over 1500 square feet, newer construction, a few minutes walk to the Steamboat gondola and only $625,000 as of today’s date, these 2 newly listed foreclosure condos are bank owned real estate and worth a closer look. 

Perceived value in Steamboat Springs CO

Monday, August 16, 2010

Low prices and [tag]real estate[/tag] advertised as “bank owned” is drawing increasing attention to Steamboat Springs. Steamboat Today’s article talks about our foreclosure market. Correcting the paper, Eliese is an owner with Colorado Group Realty, and one of our experts in the Steamboat foreclosure and short sale process. The desire of those wanting second homes in Steamboat Springs at a significant discount outpaces the interest of real estate investors. We have foreclosures, short sales and distressed sellers, but properties are not exchanging hands at prices where investors looking for rental income can cash-flow a home or condo purchase. Unlike many other areas in the country, Steamboat Springs perceived value is driving our summer sales. Steamboat is on sale right now, and a strong desire for our lifestyle should force a quick turnaround when other markets begin to recover. There have several high-dollar foreclosed properties sold in the past few weeks. For the complete report and facts on [tag]Steamboat Springs foreclosures[/tag] and [tag]bank owned real estate,[/tag]call Dean Laird at 877-678-0884.

21 million bucks for the Steamboat Ski Resort Base Area.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

The [tag]city of Steamboat Springs[/tag] is moving forward on big plans for the future. Completion of the public promenade and utilities is just the tip of the iceberg. New financing looks promising for the [tag]Steamboat skiing[/tag] experience.

New financing plan would not drastically change base area construction plans for the rest of this summer, it would enable completion of the current slate of high-profile redevelopment projects next year. Some final landscaping items could stretch into spring 2012.

says base area redevelopment coordinator Joe Kracum - http://www.steamboat … mboat Today article. Looking for an upside investment potential in the [tag]Steamboat condo market[/tag]? Keep a close eye on [tag]ski-in[/tag], [tag]ski-out[/tag] [tag]Real Estate[/tag] for sale. Call Dean Laird 877-678-0884 to talk about the future of the [tag]Steamboat Base Area.[/tag]

Past 7 days of Steamboat property sales indicates good news for Sellers.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

There were 26 signs of good news for [tag]sellers[/tag] in Steamboat in the past 7 days! [tag]Steamboat homes[/tag], [tag]condos[/tag], [tag]townhomes [/tag] and residential [tag]land [/tag] sales comprise the list. 6 Condos - 3 sales ( [tag]Trappeur’s Crossing [/tag], [tag]Timber Run [/tag], [tag]Ski Time Square [/tag]), 3 Pending sales ([tag]Storm Meadows [/tag], [tag]Rockies [/tag], [tag]Quail Run [/tag]). 8 Homes - From [tag]Steamboat Lake [/tag] to [tag]Hayden [/tag] to [tag]Oak Creek [/tag]. Most sales were the bargains under $400,000. 4 Town Homes - All 3 and 4 bedrooms, from $400,000 to $1,000,000 4 Residential Land - 2 pendings and 2 sold - from $40,000 in Hayden to $796,000. 1 [tag]Commercial[/tag] mixed use and 1 [tag]fractional ownership[/tag] sale at [tag]The Phoenix [/tag]. To receive your weekly sales report by email - Write Dean Laird or Call 877-678-0884

More good news for Steamboat home and condo buyers (maybe)

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

With [tag]mortgage rates[/tag] at historic lows and current high inventory, it’s a [tag]Steamboat[/tag] buyer’s market, at least for now. Reports Bloomber News:

Officials directed the New York Fed’s trading desk to reinvest what economists estimate will be $15 billion to $20 billion a month in maturing agency and mortgage-backed securities back into U.S. Treasuries. The purchases will help keep Treasury yields and mortgage costs low and prevent the level of monetary stimulus from shrinking further.

So when is the turn in Steamboat? This is great news, but we still need Fannie Mae to loosen up their belt for [tag]condo[/tag] lending. If a buyer has 20% down payment for a [tag]Steamboat condo[/tag], the condo is 40%-50% under the prices of 2007 and the inventory for development land remains low in comparison to many other resort areas, then the low risk should be attractive to a lender. Unfortunately, the rule-makers don’t analyze our niche market and thus we are waiting for the days of relaxed condo lending rules. When this happens and the buyer qualifies for a loan that is marketable, we should see a surge of sales. Until then, bring more cash. The FED stopped investing in Mortgage backed securities (MBS) back in April and sales declined. The FED are now investing again, so I anticipate new confidence and sales to pick up. This may not be the turn or the bottom, but if you combine this good news with relaxed lending rules, then that may just be the sign of a turn. Meanwhile, it’s a [tag]Steamboat Springs[/tag] Buyer’s market - and cash is king. Call me about Steamboat Springs [tag]foreclosure[/tag] [tag]real estate[/tag] and current [tag]market conditions[/tag]. 877-678-0884 direct or 970-846-8284 Cell.

Thirst for more Steamboat homeowner dollars.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Similar to your cable bill, it seams every year we see a notice of increase for our water and sewer. http://www.steamboat … t-more-explanation/. Jay with the Mount Werner Water and Sanitation District points out that

The proposed increases in wastewater treatment fees and tap fees will affect not only residents and businesses in the City District, but also those in the [tag]Mount Werner[/tag] Water District, [tag]Steamboat II[/tag], and [tag]Tree Haus[/tag].

Big or little government seems to follow the same path. When times are good they don’t take that as a sign it’s time to save for the likelihood of bad days ahead. We can’t look back; its time to plan for our future and this just may be one of those increases we need to live with. Meanwhile, there is always that idea to conserve water and I’m guessing you won’t see your bill affected as much.

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