Steamboat Springs Crime

Monday, January 5, 2015

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I’m not asked very often how bad crime is in Steamboat Springs but in case you were wondering, you will want to check out some of the better stories from our local newspaper, Steamboat Pilot Best of the Police Blotter 2014- updated link to 2017.

In the past 15 years or so living in town, I have only had a couple thefts of items from the front yard of our home which is on the core trail leading to downtown.  One of which was our baby stroller.  My guess is it must have been someone borrowing it to give someone a ride home.

Have Happy New Year and look up Dean Laird (local Realtor) to answer any questions you may have about Steamboat Springs. 





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Outdoor Magazine Blog Highlights Steamboat Springs

Saturday, October 1, 2011

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Aaron Gulley from Outdoor Magazine visited [tag]Steamboat Springs[/tag], self proclaimed [tag]Bike Town USA[/tag] (mirroring its [tag]Ski Town USA[/tag] winter monicker) during the week that brought the [tag]USA Pro Cycling Challenge[/tag] here. He says:

Bike Town USA is definitely a marketing initiative, but it’s refreshing to find a place with the soul and the cred to back up the claims. There are over 500 miles of trail in the vicinity of Steamboat, two boutique bike manufacturers in town (Moots and Eriksen) and a well-subscribed weekly road and mountain bike race series in summer.

Read more over at WELCOME TO BIKE TOWN USA

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Skiing Steamboat Springs to 10 million socks. How living in Steamboat Springs can lead to success.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

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If your family or friends are giving you grief for considering the idea of becoming a ski bum, you may want to point them to this story - who says being a Steamboat ski bum can’t pay off? In 1994, two ski instructors opened the Smart Wool Company.

Smart Wool had another record-breaking year with revenues nearing the $100 million mark and sold more than 10 million pairs of socks in addition to its growing apparel line.

Steamboat Today The original owners, Patty and Peter Duke no longer own Smart Wool, but they are positioning themselves to continue the success story with their newest Steamboat Springs-based sock company - Point 6 If that is not enough convincing that doing what you want to do in life can lead to success, see these other successful companies that have spun out of this small Colorado town while Biking, Hiking, and Kayaking. kayaking-steamboat-springs.jpg Erikson Cycles Boa lacing system for shoes and more Kayaking and Paddling Magazine/ or if you play really hard, you may just end up like this guy. Johnny Spillane - 2010 Olympic Silver Medalist. For information on more about the lifestyle in Steamboat Springs, contact a Realtor that has spent his life living in resort towns. Dean Laird, Broker/Owner Colorado Group Realty 877-678-0884

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