In search of the hog, huge rainbow trout lurk at Storm Mountain Ranch

Monday, October 18, 2010

3 hours of fishing and you’ll be ready to retire, until you land rainbow trout after trout on an old school fly rod and reel from the shores of a restored fish habitat at Storm Mountain Ranch, you haven’t lived the fisherman’s dream. Tommy Herzog shows us how its done. This isn’t a hobby you can easily add to your bucket list however, only 14 privileged owners are lucky enough to enjoy the amenities commonly shared at this working ranch and intimate luxury home development at the base or Rabbit Ears Pass south of Steamboat Springs, Colorado. Colorado offers some of the best fresh water trout fishing in the world, check out our local fly fishing shops for more information. Bucking Rainbow Outfitters Steamboat Flyfisher Steamboat Lake Outfitters, Inc. Call Dean Laird 877-678-0884 Colorado Group Realty for real estate near a good fishing hole.

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