Steamboat vacation rentals and alternative for condo owners paying upwards of 40% fees

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Planning to vacation in [tag]Steamboat[/tag] soon? Our local management companies such as [tag]Steamboat Resorts[/tag] and [tag]Resort Quest[/tag] are top notch for service, but you may find as good or better deal using one of the internet companies. Looking at the rental income statements for my Sellers using a local management company, its pretty typical to see only 50% of the nightly [tag]rental income[/tag] ending up in the pockets of the owner. If the that owner lists with one of the following companies, then most of that rental income ends up in their pocket, allowing the flexibility to offer cheaper Steamboat [tag]condo[/tag] and [tag]home[/tag] [tag]rentals[/tag]. For most property owners trying to rent on their own, scheduling key service, cleaning, and maintenance is more of a burden then they want to deal with. For those who have a system they can offer some good deals on vacation rentals in Steamboat. Here are a few examples: The New York Times reports on how to surf for a vacation rental. If you have questions about rental investment real estate in the [tag]Steamboat Springs real estate[/tag] market, condos and homes for sale or would like a list of the local vacation rental services, I’m here to help. Dean Laird Broker/Owner Colorado Group Realty

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